Sunday, January 22, 2012

beautiful fibers

I bought these beautiful braids when I was judging the sheep to shawl contest at the Waynesburg Fiber Festival. What a genius idea to braid the roving as it makes storage easy and compact but even better.....I like how they look hanging from a peg so I can admire the soft beautiful colors.


Today is a typical January winter day. One of my favorite ways to spend the day quietly working, meandoring through a basketful of projects in progress. The house is warmed by the winter sun and the glowing fire. I have been knitting alittle, spinning a little...writing alittle...cooking alittle...sewing alittle...
I can move playfully thru each project then get distracted by the ones in the planning stages or the half-finished stages... it is nice... I attribute this fiber frolicking to my newly organized studio.. Yes.. Yes.. it is organized like it has never been organized before.. I am smitten beyond belief.... shelves are in order.. ribbons, yarns buttons.. weaving stuff... even those long rods and reeds for my looms have the perfect place...it feels good..I am not ready to take pictures just yet as now I want to decorate, add curtains, rugs etc.. all the frilly stuff... I believe I will be adding a sink for dyeing and some really good lighting for working in the basement.. but during the day.. with the large windows by the looms it is bright enough with natural light... I have to cover the ceilings and add white paneling and finish the fireplace this spring.. but for now I can work in the space very comfortably without the decorating amenities... yeeee haw!!!