Friday, August 31, 2018

Color of the sky

As I sit on my porch and the evening begins to settle in there is a haze that seems to appear in the sky.... fog like.... with a soft yellow glow behind it.
I have to say that I have never seen a sky quite like it.
I took a photograph and it just doesn’t seem to capture this eerie sense of light behind a veil of soft smoke.
The evening sounds of summers end are adding to the illusion of this mystical experience.
Gabe, of course, adds his drama as he barks at bumble bees nesting in a birdhouse on the porch.
 Today is August 30 and in just a few days we will begin to enter into a new month... September!! Aweeee cool temperatures.... leaves changing and the evening sky settles in a little sooner.
The fall festivals will begin and we reach for sweaters and woolen shawls to take with us during those brisk evening walks.
Fall marks the last season of a year and symbolizes change as autumn leaves begin to fall. We see the leaves change colors .... a change that is so drastic. The color of the landscape moves from summers vibrant green to autumns spectacular oranges and reds and yellows. Then.... the season progresses and the colors change yet again into faded browns and tans....
This environmental transformation is nothing short of a miracle.
I begin to hear people say things like... "Wow it is fall already... where did the summer go?" Or "Oh the leaves changed so quickly I hardly had a chance to notice."
The end of a year.... the last of the seasons in that year....
Time of reflection..... Time for changes .....time to think and slow down..... draw into those warm blankets on a crisp evening walk....
The night sky is clear...
Reflection..... change.....pause....slow.......
Enjoy the moment... take time to notice the changes around you and inside of you... take time... pay attention... feel the moment...there will never be another quite like it... each season... each year will come and go... you can notice it or just comment that you barely had the time to enjoy it.... and then autumn leaves begin to fall and the landscape changes into faded browns and tans....
Earlier this week I picked up a loom and brought it to Stephens' house... finally I can weave in Bluefield. I named this loom Maggie Macomber...It was manufactured in 1940 and is a Macomber loom... What a gem... Inside a box of springs and hooks I found 3 cones of cotton.. green Burgundy and yellow.... ooooooo... my first warp on this loom....Fun...
Just as the season is changing.... I am feeling a change in me... in my weaving process.... I am learning new techniques as I watch the videos from the Jane Stafford online class.
I am learning how to be a more purposeful weaver... learning about color and cloth structure and design elements. I am more methodical in my choices of warp and weft size, color, and order.
It is the right time in my life to apply these new techniques and focus in on the fine details of weaving. The purpose of proper shuttle throwing and posture at the loom. Details... fine in-depth details that make a textile go from an okay cloth to a handcrafted textile.
I notice that paying attention as I plan my project and warp, aware of the details as I beam my warp on to  the loom and begin to weave... it really does make a difference! I am aware of how my mood changes each of these steps... my colors blend and the hand of the cloth matches the purpose of each piece... it isn't just a happy accident.
hmmmmmmm... can I apply this to my everyday life.... the choices I make as I become more aware of my actions.... and how my actions which are slow and purposeful.. thought out and planned, have a huge impact on the final outcome... and how my emotions change the course of that final outcome.
It is amazing... how we live day by day.... so deep in our thoughts that we forget to be in the present moment.... we miss the moments of summer and we barely notice the glorious colors of the Autumn leaves....

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mid Summer Nights Dream

July 17, 2018
Good evening to all,

The months and days seem to blend together and suddenly I feel inspired or perhaps I have had a few quiet days..... enough time to let feelings and emotions simmer.... time to absorb and actually feel and reflect upon those swirling moments and try to fit the pieces of my jigsaw life puzzled days together... attempting to make sense of it all and mentally provide a metaphoric ground that will provide me with positivity in the days and years that are ahead of me.
Today has been a very non descriptive day. The weather was medium hot... not too hot but hot enough.... nothing earth shattering or unusual has happened and I settled into my daily routine of summer chores and fiber projects nestled amidst cycle of the day.
Gabes was out and about..... and in and out ....as the day seemed to linger until slowly ever so slowly the evening took over and darkness settled in with its quiet soft spirit. I am always comforted by the summer evenings and how they seem to ever so slowly seep into their place. There is nothing bold or over powering about a summer evening. It just slowly emerges and then there is darkness. You hardly notice its presence until it fully emerges.
I like enjoy these moments. I am grateful that I can appreciate the beauty in the closing of another day. I feel peaceful and content. I feel loved. My spirit is calmed by the rhythm of the sun and the moon.
As I gaze up and look at the stars I wonder how many other people on this planet are reflective of these mystical moments that are ever present in our daily lives?
The gift of a day and the subtle minute by minute changes that move an early morning sky into an afternoon of bright blue skies and eventually the day turns into the soft twinkle of evening dusk.
My body moves with the day and an abrupt change from this rhythm can be felt as I try to adjust and adapt. Most days ... I am so busy I do not know what that change is or why all of a sudden I feel tired or overwhelmed or anxious.
I appreciate the changes in the day and I am eager to rest and recharge so I can begin a new day... a new beginning and blessed with an understanding of what is...... truly is......
My love to all,
Good night...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Winter Morning Prayer

Good morning,
It is early Sunday morning... quiet and dark.... the snow covered ground creates a gray lite outside my bedroom window.
I love early mornings in the winter. Sundays are the very best of mornings .... a symbol of a new week and day set aside to reflect and give a thankful salute to the week gone by and look forward to the adventures of a new beginning.
Early morning coffee seems to last and linger and each sip is better than the last. I love to listen to the sounds of the house in the early darkness.... the furnace humming along and the sounds of my house creaking as the wind blows against the sturdy bricks and mortar. I love the sounds of those busy birds just outside my window. Making plans for spring nests and beautiful soft pink spring babies.
As the sky slowly fades from darkness to early morning light, I plan my day... my week.... I say prayers for my family and friends and I thank God for all of my beautiful blessings.

The sudden unpredictable loss of my dear sweet Jed! Rest In Peace my beautiful loving kind sweet dober person. My heart is aching.2-2-2018


Jed...If only Walt Disney could have met you, I am certain you would be member of the Mickey and Goofy gang. You were determined to break the Doberman stereotype. Anyone that came to the farm was greeted by Your Velcro like presence. You created a circus like entrance into the house by running at least 5 laps around the kitchen table! Your signature welcome into our home. You were convinced you were a lap dog. All 100 pounds of you would attempt to situate yourself in every guest lap that would tolerate you. I learned early on that you were a true free spirited dog. You needed to be untethered and loved running at full speed with all 4 of your long lanky legs and enormous paws completely off the ground flying in mid air. I embraced this unbridled spirit and loved you as Jed. Every day was an event. No walk in the woods was ever mundane. Watching tv could turn into a Jed thing. We loved each other unconditionally. You brought me so much joy! Until we meet again!!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall Back

Today is Sunday, November 5, 2017!!!
So many things have happened in my life since my last post over two years ago!
Where do I begin?
I guess I can begin with what is the same....
well... I still live on my beautiful farm.... most of the time..
I am still spinning and weaving and knitting and as usual, not nearly as much as I would like to but still find time to reconnect my thoughts and my heart and find my inner balance through the comfort of handwork.
So... what is new in my life...????
I left my position as curator of Meadowcroft Museum and took an Assistant Professor position of Communication at Bluefield West Virginia State College. It is a 4 hour drive from my farm and I travel there once a week and teach my classes then I return to the farm on Wednesdays or Thursdays....
It is quite a commute... the drive is very picturesque especially now the leaves are turning.. little late this year but truly spectacular!
I am working with a new company designing mens garments. My first design is a hoodie sweater.

Preserving Life's Journey

I am moving forward on several new/old adventures that I had to put on hold until my professional career became more grounded.
Preserving Life's Journey is a brainstormed idea of mine and I am finally ready to launch this idea into the world. My mission for this project is just what the name implies.....
I would like to provide a service that helps preserve history through preservation, documentation and education.  
Preserving Life's Journey will provide people with an opportunity to share their stories through the organization of their personal collections found in the things they have collected over the years. Photographs, clothing, uniforms, certificates, videos are all things we collect that tells "Our" story. Many of these things are lost when family members downsize into smaller homes, move into nursing homes or pass away. Their story gets lost as family members are now faced with the daunting task of selling a homestead and the contents of the home. Sons and daughters are overwhelmed and want to just "get rid" of all this stuff as quickly as possible. Later many regret the hasty decisions they made, selling priceless family heirlooms and personal treasures of their loved ones.
It is through careful planning, organization and the curatorial expertise of Preserving Life's Journey families can now thoughtfully decide how to manage family possessions.

I am also working on a textile utube and I will post my productions on this blog page...
I will share with you a few photos of my life's journey over the last few years....

This is a history lovers must read!!!!!!

Dinner with my daughter Samantha

 My first time visit to San Francisco... Of course I had to find a furry friend!! His feathers are beautiful... there is a handwoven scarf to be made using the color combos!!

New adventure... I bought kayaks... sailing away at Cross Creek!!

My sweet snuggle puppy.... Jed..

For some strange reason I have a passion for adding a little fur to my handmade garments... I wonder why.....

Who else would own an 1932 bible gum pink sewing machine.....??? This little princess has the most precious stitches... and the sound of the machine is just heavenly!!!

 My dear handsome Stephen.... the quote below says everything!!!!

Until next time.....

Blessings to all

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where does the time go?

2015.. February no less!!! Many things have happened in my life.. mostly busy busy things.
I purchased a 10 foot wide floor loom in the fall which is still in pieces in my garage.. Soon I will be weaving away on that gem. I had to rent a haul to bring it home!! I bought it from a woman who was a weaving instructor at Kent State University. Awesome!!

I have been spinning and weaving and knitting.. I will post photos later today of my current projects..
Currently, I am working on an 18th century chemise. I am going to a Jane Austen Ball!!
Off to work .. Hi Ho.. more later..!!
I will leave you with a snowy scene from my window this morning!! And a picture of Jed aka the "Wonder Dog" Much love! B~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year... Geepers.. 2014.. time flies!! Jed is waiting patiently by the kitchen door to see what  blessings the  New Year brings!
bee ~