Sunday, October 17, 2010

Natures Fall Fashions

I know my photos are not even textile related.. but I had to share a little of my world ... looking out my window and the sights and the beauty that surrounds my humble abode!
These pictures were actually taken weeks ago. Gus and I went for a walk. I found an apple tree that was just loaded with the biggest red apples. I have lived on this farm for 17 years and the apple trees have never been so beautiful. Gus and I sat under the tree and enjoyed this delicious fruit of nature. ( I have never seen a dog actually eat an apple.. but Gus loves them... go figure!?)

I love the fall.. I cannot think of anyone who does not enjoy this time of year. Have you ever heard anyone actually say, "I hate autumn.. far too many beautiful colors and geez the temperature is darn near perfect.. what is so special about fresh apples and pumpkins.." Nope .. I would drop over if I ever heard someone complaining about the richness of Autumn days!

I am making a civil war log cabin quilt that I bought as a kit. Every piece is traced and cut out separately. I have at least 3 rotary cutters. I am rotary challenged and I always make mistakes using those big rulers. I will stick to my old fashioned methods until I get better aquainted with those new fangled tools:)
One last thing before I turn in for the night... I am finally getting my pasture fencing put back up again. My pasture has been empty for so long. I am making good use of my sturdy little barn until the springtime then I will hopefully build a nice new barn big enough for chickens, goats, sheep and mini donkies!

 Blessings to all.......~Bee~

Good intentions

I am so excited to share this photograph of this beautiful yellow rose. My daughter Jacqueline gave this to me several years ago. It was a tiny delicate rose and I planted it in the garden in the back of the house. This rose plant loves its little place in the garden and she has done so well and has grown so beautiful and looks healthy. I love the depth of color and her pedals are sturdy and she blooms for days. I think of Jacqueline everytime I pass this yellow rose. Jacqueline is studying hard at Penn State and she too has grown into a beautiful flower. She is strong and independent, bright and shining just like the yellow rose she gave me so many years ago. I will continue to nurture, love and care for each and admire the depth of beauty and strength in each.