Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day

Today is a day of early morning reflections. I am remembering so many wonderful Mothers Days when   I would wake up to flowers and hand drawn Mothers Day cards ..... little hands drawing those precious hearts with wonderful red crayons.. the images drawn were cartoon like characters with big hands.. and feet.. smiling faces holding flowers.. of course each hand drawn card had our barn yard friends.. goats and horses lots of kitties and Gus... (I miss him so much..)

I remember my farm neighbor Bettie C telling the girls and I so many years ago when we first bought the farm that every Mothers Day she would walk with her children through the woods on our farm and pick wild flowers and it became tradition... I loved that story so much that my daughters and I kept that tradition alive... I remember walking through the woods picking flowers and making flower crowns that we wore on our heads that day.... So long ago.. such wonderful memories... to fall back into... such joy......
Today I will take a walk in the woods...... time for reflection.. I can still hear... those little girl giggles...

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