Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where does the time go?

2015.. February no less!!! Many things have happened in my life.. mostly busy busy things.
I purchased a 10 foot wide floor loom in the fall which is still in pieces in my garage.. Soon I will be weaving away on that gem. I had to rent a haul to bring it home!! I bought it from a woman who was a weaving instructor at Kent State University. Awesome!!

I have been spinning and weaving and knitting.. I will post photos later today of my current projects..
Currently, I am working on an 18th century chemise. I am going to a Jane Austen Ball!!
Off to work .. Hi Ho.. more later..!!
I will leave you with a snowy scene from my window this morning!! And a picture of Jed aka the "Wonder Dog" Much love! B~

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